Take Your Cosplay to the Next Level

I chose the picture above because it shows how much fun you can have in a last minute costume. My Freddie Mercury costume was basically a white tank top, a piece of carpet glued to my upper lip and a studded armband. Vibeke’s Poison Ivy literally contained leaves and branches torn out of our front yard an hour earlier. We made a lot out of very little and it was a great time.

That being said, it’s a lot easier to feel awesome in a good costume 😉

Above and beyond having a costume that looks good, it’s nice to have pieces of it that will not only survive one event, but last for years to come. Not only because you can reuse them for future costumes, but because some pieces are just plain cool to wear any time. Way back in high school, someone I dated and I had Squall and Rinoa’s rings from Final Fantasy VIII. I think I wore that around my neck the entire time that relationship lasted and possibly longer. It’s just cool to wear a little piece of your fandom along with any outfit, for any occasion.


We at Geekify can help with that! In addition to all the recognizable things from movies, games, books and comics http://xanaxonlinebuy.com that you see on our store, we make custom things of all descriptions. Whether it’s a customized version of something that already exists, or something from your own original character, we can make it a reality. You may be tempted to just build it out of cardboard or foam and spray paint it. While that may look good for one event or two, we can make you something worth putting on your wall when you aren’t wearing it.

Even if you are having trouble with just one very difficult component, we have the tools to overcome those challenges. With a workshop full of equipment and some very talented people, we can do everything from costume pieces to hand-held props. Jewelry and accessories are right up our alley too! We may even have some suggestions you hadn’t thought of, or thought were way too audacious to attempt.

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Having the perfect costume can make you feel like the star of your next convention, whether you win the costume contest or not. Even if nobody knows who your original character is, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you got the crown just right. We’ll recognize you at least and you can pose for a photo with me anytime 🙂

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