Virtual Reality Rentals & Sessions Geekify has a full high-end setup for developing and playing in a virtual environment. Find out More 3D Printing Geekify has awesome 3D printing technologies and services to help make your vision into reality. Find out More Laser Cutting We stock acrylic, plywood, and many other materials. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you may also mail us your own material, have a supplier ship it to us directly or have us source it for you. Find out More Vinyl Cutting We have a large selection of colors in stock and are able to order nearly any color imaginable. We also offer brushed films, translucent films, and multi-color layered or printed graphics. Find out More Industrial Sewing If you can imagine it, we can create it for you. Our machine can sew a large array of materials including leather, rubber and denim. We can source materials for you or you can provide your own. Find Out More Metal Working We’ve partnered with the earth, fire, and metal benders to make some kick-ass metal work and help bring your ideas to life. Find Out More Kickstarter Kickstarter Fulfillment If you’re launching a Kickstarter project, we’ve got you covered for all your rewards fulfillment. Find Out More