New Neopets Advent Calendars!

Geekify is releasing a new Neopets Advent Calendar!

We had a blast several years ago getting to create the first ever chocolate Neopets Advent Calendar, and we’re excited to be making a new and improved one this year. We have a strong philosophy of working hard to perpetually improve the quality of our products over time. and the calendars we made in 2020 left room for improvement, so we wanted to address some questions and feedback, as well as cover improvements we’ve made in making this year’s calendar.

  • When we initially produced the 2020 Advent calendar, we had approximately 5 weeks from start to finish for the entire project, including all development and production, which severely limited our options for producing items to our usual high standards.
  • Christmas 2020 also marked the first year of COVID, so many commercial kitchens were following strict COVID guidelines, many were closed outright, and space was largely unavailable for our project, slowing production.
  • Because of the increased reliance on online purchasing, the post office became far more congested than usual, so many orders shipped out were delayed from reaching their recipients in time. 
  • A small handful of customers received chocolates that had acquired a bit of an odor and taste in transit, the result of sitting in USPS warehouses for several weeks in poor conditions.

We’ve made vast changes in the process, packaging, and procedures for this year. Given the advance start of the project, we’ve had plenty of time to prepare and to improve on what we learned from doing Advent Calendars previously. 

  • Each chocolate is being molded directly in formed plastic trays, saving both time and improving presentation
  • We’ve partnered with a candy kitchen for production
  • Each package will be shrink wrapped to ensure freshness.
  • We’ve chosen a different brand of higher-end chocolate melt wafers for casting. 

Candy melts are a form of chocolate wafer that are perfect for melting and casting into molded shapes – you’ve doubtless had many of them over the years in other chocolate products. They don’t require tempering (reheating and cooling), conform well to mold shapes, and have a very high shelf-life. They are easy to handle, and we observe all proper safety, storage, and food handling procedures when working with food products. They can occasionally produce “chocolate bloom” from the ingredients separately slightly during the cooling process, usually on the surface. While bloom can look unusual, it doesn’t typically impact the taste or the safety in the slightest.  

While Advent calendars are not traditionally made using particularly high-end chocolate, we strive to source the best we can to ensure the best taste and experience. These calendars are produced in limited quantities, and we keep a constant eye out for quality and any issues that might arise.

Preorders are available here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email directly. We look forward to helping you celebrate the holidays in Neopets style!

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