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Bound to Be Awesome

Our journey here at Geekify really started with one item, the Neverending Story eReader cover. The remnants of a leather armor project got turned into the first ever Neverending Story for John’s Kindle. What started as a fun idea very quickly became a creative endeavor that many of our fans wanted to have a piece of, and for good reason. There are so many of us who watched the Neverending Story in our younger days and went on the journey alongside Atreyu and Bastian. That sort of wonder and the lessons imparted by the characters managed to stay with us well into our adult years, so it was a natural progression for us to end up creating something so close to the film we love. Handbound and crafted custom each time by our artisans, each and every book has an insane amount of love worked into it. Each book or cover is a small tribute to the film that we send off to a fan, that connects us all in some strange way. For us, it’s a really cool feeling every time we get an order to know that we are part of a massive community of people who have a deep love and respect for creations forged by like-minded geniuses.


Thus, we started expanding our leatherbounds to include more and more of the worlds we love, such as our Hocus Pocus book replica, and the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from the always offbeat Beetlejuice. Each book is unique and comes with it’s own challenges to recreate that have to be considered when we embark upon creating them. For example, did you know there’s more than one way to bind a book? There are many, in fact: saddlestitching, longstitching, coptic binding, perfect binding, etc.  Each one has its advantages, but in the realm of making fantastical books, more often than not we are tasked with re-engineering old and new bookmaking techniques to make the imaginary become reality. That’s where the true geekery of our creative talents come in, and we find new ways to bring to life what movies, TV, and games manage to do, but in a fully realized and long-lasting form.

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This blog is the first in a series to see a few of the steps involved with crafting our books. We wanted to give our fans an inside look into the journey each book makes to come to fruition and the kind of skill that our artisans take to make each one special.


In the Workshop


In the process of making books, we make pre-lined kits so that each book is perfect to specification as we craft them.
Our resident crafting genius, Chase, creates many of the design elements that grace the covers of the books. Hard at work as always.
Each book takes a number of special tools and time in order to complete.
Cody hand cuts each cover page to be laid down and finalized into the cover of the book she’s working on.
It’s not uncommon to find piles of fabrics on every surface in the workshop. Each piece is carefully selected and hand cut to fit the specific book or cover size.
We use this massive, ancient West German Paper Shearer (circa 1979) to cut the boards we use to assemble books. Able to cut through a phone book in a single blow, it is both incredibly fun and potentially dangerous…which it probably what makes it fun for us.

This is just a quick peek into the daily life of crafting books here at Geekify Inc. The process of designing, creating, and crafting each book is long and arduous, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to spend our time making things that we love, and that our fans love as well. Stay tuned for future blogs where we’ll cover many of the different types of manufacturing that we do! Our next production blog is going to be an inside look into the process of selecting the materials used in our production.

Until next time, stay geeky friends.


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