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Holiday 2022 FAQ – Please Read!

Q: Will my order arrive in time for Christmas?
A: Generally speaking, yes! We do our absolute to make sure orders get out the door in time for Christmas. Our queues go nuts around the holiday season staring in early November, with everyone requesting custom work, so please bear with us – we usually state about 2-3 weeks to make most orders, but people sometimes leave their orders to the last minute, which makes our production very crazy building your made-to-order items. Ordering well in advance is highly encouraged!

Q: What are the shipping deadlines for Christmas?
A: For Domestic orders, our cutoff for ensuring delivery is Dec 8th, and for International orders it’s Dec. 1st. We need time to make your item, and if you purchase after those dates, we can’t *promise* it will arrive by Christmas unless you purchase the Rush Order option to ensure it gets made faster (which only speeds up production – extra fees may apply if you want to expedite shipping for your order). The USPS has had enormous amounts of backlog because of the pandemic and this year promises to be just as bad as last year – please give us much time in advance as you can, as once it leaves the workshop, it’s outside our control for ensuring delivery times!

Above all else, please email or communicate your needs to us, and we will do our best to accommodate them!


Q: Who are you?
A: We’re Geekify, a mad scientist lab meets hackerspace, specializing in costuming, cosplay, nerd gear, scientific gadgets, and geek shwag of all kinds, including legendary books from games, TV, and movies. Our projects include musical Tesla coils, magnetic ferrofluid sculptures and displays, growing crystals from molten metal, perfecting geeky gaming accessories, and more!

Q: Can you do custom orders?
A: Definitely – we love tackling new projects and experimenting with new things. If you’ve got an idea for something you want to see brought to life, let us know! We love getting new ideas, and have an Idea Box set up on our website for just those kinds of submissions.

Q: What are your covers made of?
A: We typically make our covers out of synthetic leather (which makes most of them vegan friendly!), and we use a variety of techniques, since each book is unique in design and patterning – we use hot foil stamping on the Neverending Story books and the Necronomicons, while the other books with lettering or details we usually use a vinyl that’s heat-fused to the surface. Some books have pieces with raised surfaces, which we typically cut on a laser cutter. We can also do printed canvases with high resolution images.

 Q: Can you make my cover in genuine leather?
A: Of course! Leather costs a bit more and adds about $35 to the cost of any cover. It’s hard to get consistency with leather when making tons of covers, so we usually default to sturdy, well-chosen faux leathers for durability, and because they’re easy to care for and clean, but we can certainly accommodate genuine leather with most of our designs.

Q: Help! A corner of one of my “stickers” is coming up! What can I do?
A: Not to worry! Those aren’t actually stickers – they’re a special heat-sensitive vinyl that fuses to the surface of the book, and should last the life of the book. By applying heat to it, it permanently bonds to the cover’s surface, and shouldn’t ever come up, but sometimes it can look like it’s completely fused when we send it out the door, but a corner or edge might not have fused all the way down. We usually catch it, since we inspect every book going out, but some of the details are pretty intricate and we can miss them sometimes, especially as they dislodge with a little use. This is easily fixed – lay it down flat, put down a piece of brown paper (not wax paper!) down over it, and use a clothing iron on medium heat to touch it up. It should then permanently bond and not give you any more issues. Let us know if for some reason it doesn’t, and we can fix it, replace it, or otherwise advise you!

Q: How long does it take to make and ship my order?
A: We usually say to allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks to make and ship your custom covers. Some items have varying production times based on material availability and complexity. Since many of our items are custom made, we need time to size things properly, render the materials, let things set, etc. Busy times of year like Christmas or convention season can make the queue times rise to 3-5weeks. Contact us to let us know specifically when you need it by!

Q: What are your shipping policies?
A: We ship your item out as soon as it’s ready, and send it by First Class USPS or 2-Day USPS Priority Mail depending on weight. Tracking should automatically upload to your order status and send a confirmation email.

Q: What is the Rush Order option?
A: Sometimes you need that item for a special someone in a hurry, so we can jump the queue and prioritize your order and usually have it out the door within 3-5 Business Days (but does not include faster shipping). Adding an inscription or personalization can sometimes take an additional week to produce, so budget your time accordingly. Please contact us directly if you need it to arrive by a particular date so we can accommodate you!

Q: Can you make a cover for my … ?
A: Absolutely! We make all of our cover by hand and customize them to fit whatever specific device you’ve got. Let us know your specific model and we’ll size it accordingly.

Q: I don’t see my device listed – can I just choose one at random that’s a similar size?
A: No, please don’t do that. They release new device models constantly and each device is different, and we build them with tight enough tolerances that picking a random size just because you think would fit might not actually fit. We have a handy “Other” option for that – just choose that, and make sure to write in the order notes what you want it built for.

Q: My device has certain unique features or placements – can you accommodate that?
A: Some devices have power switches on the back instead of the top or sides, some have styluses, some have detachable keyboards – in short, these devices come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them have oddities that we can’t really accommodate. The Kindle Voyage for instance puts its power setting on the back, so it’s difficult to access the button without ruining the look of the book, and there’s not much we can do about it, and we can only guarantee size fits, not feature fits. Please contact us with specific questions and we can try to accommodate them!

Q: Can you cut out a camera hole for my device?
A: Yes, but *only* by request. In addition to being hard to place without having your device in hand to test with, it disrupts the aesthetic of the book to cut a hole into it, and sometimes it can drastically affect the ornamentation or design. By default, all covers ship without camera holes.

Q: Can you bind books with actual pages inside?

A: Heck yeah! We have lined and unlined options for sketchbooks, diaries, and journals, and we can also do guestbooks and, photo albums, wedding registries, you name it! As a note, for international orders, it will add a little bit to the cost of the order because of the added weight of the books.

Q: Can you do 3D printing?
A: Yep! We’ve got a PLA-based 3D printers and resin printers that can create strong, lightweight objects from your 3D model. Contact us for specific turn around times and details.

Q: What are inscriptions / name personalizations?
A: The inscriptions are add-ons that we typically make out of heat transfer vinyl, with a favorite quote, name, or inscription for you or your intended recipient. We usually place it on the upper third of the left inside cover. Maximum length is 100 characters. Let us know if you have special requests or placement instructions!


Geekify Cover Inside Quote Personalization Inscription 4

Q: What are magnetic clasps?
A: One of the add-ons we offer are magnetic clasps, by embedding magnets into the cover when we build it, and attaching a wrap-around strap that clasps it in place. It’s not necessary for most of them (the weight of the cover holds them shut naturally), but the option is available if you wish!

Q: What’s your warranty/replacement policy?
A: We stand by our work – if it has any defects within 90 days, we’ll replace it free of charge. And if you order the wrong size, no worries – we’ll remake it for a 20% fee + shipping.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We ship all over the world! International shipping should calculate when checking out (though delivery can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks). Prices are listed in USD.

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?
A: Since all of our work is custom-made, there’s a certain amount of sunk time and materials for making your cover. Full or partial refunds for cancellation will be issued at our discretion, depending on where in the construction process we are. Name personalizations and inscription fees are non-refundable for cancellations.

Q: How do coupon codes work?
A: On rare occasions, we’ll release coveted coupons for special occasions, and they’re valid for most products (some exceptions may apply). Add-ons like magnetic clasps or inscriptions don’t get deducted from the price, but the savings on the cover itself can bring the price down considerably. Just enter the coupon at checkout to get your sweet, sweet discount.

Q: If I order a pre-order item, what happens?
A: If you order an item listed as a pre-order, we will generally try to post an estimated shipping date on the listing. Your order will stay open until the project is complete and the unit is ready to ship. If your order contains a mix of pre-order and currently shipping items, the order will wait until all items are available. Please contact us directly if you want to arrange to split your shipment.

Q: I sent in a question and haven’t gotten an answer yet!
A: We tend to keep pretty busy with our production and with traveling for conventions, so sometimes we can be slow to respond. We are also not a huge company – we all wear a lot of hats and there’s always a lot going on. We try to respond to everything in a timely manner, but if you need an answer quickly, try sending us another email to nudge us.

Q: What’s your privacy policy?
A: See our terms and conditions page for more details about our privacy policy and terms and conditions.


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