Geekify Inc is proud to now offer our fans the chance to become part of the Geekify team as Geekify Affiliates. Do you like our products? Do you want to tell all your friends about what we do – and get rewarded for it? Now is your chance! With a simple signup form, you can be well on your way to promoting the Geekify Inc brand while making a percentage of the sales in just minutes. Follow the link below to find a series of commonly asked questions and answers about the program as well as the information needed to sign up. Please feel free to read the information below and then if you have any more questions, contact our Affiliate Manager who will be happy to help you along the process.

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Affiliate FAQ

How do I sign up?

We’re so excited that you are interested in becoming an Affiliate! Signing up is as simple as following the link below to the signup form and once we have a few small details, our Affiliate Manager will review your application and then you will be informed of your acceptance into the program.

Who can sign up?

Anyone! We’re excited about people who are excited about Geekify Inc. We are happy to consider any applicant to become a part of the Affiliate Program. This does not not guarantee acceptance into the program, but we absolutely welcome anyone to apply for consideration.

How does it work? 

Once you’ve become an Affiliate, you will be given the tools to generate links that you can use on your media that will track sales made from your sites. Additionally, when you sign up, you will be asked for the url to your website and any sales resulting from clickage from your website will be tracked and recorded as a referral for your account. You will also receive coupon codes that are coded to your account and sales using those codes will be tracked as well.

How much do Affiliates make? 

As a standard, our Affiliates are afforded a 10% take in all sales resulting from their codes, links, and clickage. Affiliates with a demonstrable audience maybe submit new percentages for consideration along with appropriate figures.

How does a referral work? 

Referrals work in a number of ways, all of which are tracked and recorded by our Affiliate software. Affiliates are able to generate their own referral links to be used in their media. Additionally, the domain of your website that is registered with our software will be used to track traffic and sales that result from clickage from your website. The final way that we track your sales is through the use of unique coupon codes that are registered to your Affiliate ID. Once a referral has been tracked, the appropriate percentage of the sale will be allowed to your ID and will be paid out at the end of each month.

How long can I be an Affiliate?

As we are in the beginning of our Program, we are signing Affiliates on for six month periods. At the end of each six month trial, we will review the history of the Affiliate as well as take feedback on their time with the program. If both parties are satisfied with the performance of the Affiliation, we will renew the Affiliate for another six month run.

Is there a cap to what I can make? 

Not at all. The sky is the limit. The best way to make meaningful sales is to make meaningful connections. As such, we really encourage our Affiliates to promote our products and the Geekify brand to audiences that would be interested in what we do.

Want to know more?

If our FAQ didn’t answer your question, feel free to reach out to us.

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