An officially licensed Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game is coming…

Hearken back to the nostalgic days of the early 2000s, as the roboticscreech of your dialup modem connects to the internet to log you onto Neopets.Maybe it’s been a year or twenty since last you fed your Neopet, or maybeyou’ve been a die-hard fan playing ever since, but one thing is for sure: Neopets isstill […]

Take Your Cosplay to the Next Level

I chose the picture above because it shows how much fun you can have in a last minute costume. My Freddie Mercury costume was basically a white tank top, a piece of carpet glued to my upper lip and a studded armband. Vibeke’s Poison Ivy literally contained leaves and branches torn out of our front […]

The New Frontier of Indie Game Development

Ah 2010, I remember it like it was yesterday. Minecraft was in beta, Braid and Limbo were winning awards. It seemed like the future held no limits for indie games. If studios of one or a few people could create such wonders, what would come next? The answer was Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Steam Greenlight and Early […]

Booking It | An Inside Look at Our Binding Process

How To Train Your Dragon Book / Kindle / iPad / Tablet Cover / Journal

  Bound to Be Awesome Our journey here at Geekify really started with one item, the Neverending Story eReader cover. The remnants of a leather armor project got turned into the first ever Neverending Story for John’s Kindle. What started as a fun idea very quickly became a creative endeavor that many of our fans […]