An officially licensed Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game is coming…

Hearken back to the nostalgic days of the early 2000s, as the robotic
screech of your dialup modem connects to the internet to log you onto Neopets.
Maybe it’s been a year or twenty since last you fed your Neopet, or maybe
you’ve been a die-hard fan playing ever since, but one thing is for sure: Neopets is
still around, and better than ever. The Geekify team is thrilled to announce that
we’re launching an all-new tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Neopets!
Featuring a dice-driven d20-based system that’s easy to learn for both
beginners and advanced players alike, the official Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game
is a blast from the past for your tabletop gaming sessions. Build a party, explore
the vast expanses of Neopia, and revisit all your old nostalgic stomping grounds
by going on quests, solving puzzles, helping the locals, and
making the world a better place (or getting up to no good).
With over 50 species to choose from (including old classic species and
some newer faces), and a plethora of abilities to build your character,
you’ll find all kinds of exciting challenges await you in Neopia.

In the next few weeks, the Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game will
launch on Kickstarter, featuring a Core Rulebook with all the mechanics
and lore you’ll need to play through (or lead) a Neopets tabletop campaign.
Face off against challengers in the Battledome, collect and hoard items,
choose a profession, curry favor with the local factions, do quests
for the Faeries, explore the land, stock your shop and manipulate the economies
of Neopia, craft items, and much, much more.
Visit the far reaches of distant Kreludor or explore the aquatic depths of Maraqua,
and everywhere in between. 􀇯e only limit to your adventures is your imagination!
Don’t miss this opportunity to support the official Neopets Tabletop
Roleplaying Game,coming on Kickstarter starting June 21st

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