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Vial of Melange – Authentic Fair Trade Product of Arrakis

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Vial of Melange – Authentic Fair Trade Product of Arrakis


A small bottle of melange, straight from Arrakis. Includes a Melange Certificate of Authenticity from CHOAM assayors. Get your bottle of spice today!


Product Description

Fresh from Arrakis – a sample of spice!

Known for its geriatric (and occasionally mutagenic) properties of extending life, perpetuating youth, and keeping its users full of vim and vigor, this vial of authentic melange was harvested at great cost from the desert planet of Dune, the only known source of spice in the universe. Commonly used by the Spacing Guild, the Bene Gesserit, the nobles of the Landsraad, and from a planet hotly contested by the Harkonnens and Atreides, we’re bringing you this special offer to get your hands on your very own vial of melange.

Spice harvesting is a risky business, but our brave Fremen prospectors (members of the Fair Trade Organization of Arrakis) and licensed by CHOAM under the direct authority of the Padishah Emperor have brought you the finest of the crop, guaranteed to be free of dilution or contaminants, organic, and harvested without rhythm or wormicides. This melange is 100% natural, and fresh from the spice sands of Dune.

Don’t be duped by cut product or spice that’s been mixed with impurities to pad its weight, or by synthetic Tleilaxu amal or ultraspice – this is the real deal. Even tank-grown spice can’t hold a candle to the authentic cinnamon taste and aroma of genuine melange.

Fetching 620,000 solaris per decagram on the open market, this sample is available at extremely low prices, as this sample was part of a pallet that fell off the back of the Heighliner before it could pass through customs. How unfortunate. But our loss is your gain! Sprinkle it over your meals, add it to your coffee, or brew it into a strong, fermented spice beer. Your vial includes a ridulian crystal Certificate of Authenticity from our certified CHOAM assayors. Get yours today!

(Please allow 2-3 business days to ship from Arrakis)

Additional Information

Weight 3 oz


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