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Tabletop Role Playing RPG Dice Popper

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Tabletop Role Playing RPG Dice Popper


Conquer those Dungeons, slay those Dragons, and Blessings of Dia upon you. Epic gear isn’t just for games any more.


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Product Description

From the minds and tinkers’ lair that brought you the Dice Gauntlet, we present the Dice Popper “POPR”, the Portable Object for Producing Rolls.

Designed to take your tabletop gaming to the next level, and drawing inspiration from the classic game Trouble and its Pop-o-matic dice popping mechanisms, this newfangled contraption brings new life to old-school gaming.

Never worry about losing your dice again, as the POPR protects and encases your dice in nearly impenetrable armor and keeps it close at hand at all times. Designed to be compatible with any polyhedral dice set, the housing can be opened to swap out your own lucky dice, so their luck never runs out. Simply put in your dice, and let the magic of science bring true randomness to your rolls, with the most satisfying of clicks. So easy that even a child could use it (ages 5 and up)

Usable for any game, ranging from tabletop RPG to classic Candyland, the POPR has been field-tested with Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Call of Cthulhu, Vampyr, Warhammer, Munchkin, naked Twister, modified versions of Mancala, and a variety of other GURPS and d20 games, to deliver practical application and style to your gaming sessions.

The dice popper is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, able to house single dice, as well as our arcane Omni Board, which includes 7 poppers. Larger models are available to fit two dice in a single dome as well. Each popper is made to order and can take several weeks to make. Wholesale options are available for retail stores – please contact us for prices and options.

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