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Gravity Falls Inspired – Magical Bill Cipher Scroll

Geekify Inc » Gravity Falls Inspired – Magical Bill Cipher Scroll

Gravity Falls Inspired – Magical Bill Cipher Scroll


An ancient, aged scroll bearing the graven image of Bill Cipher, this scroll will make a perfect addition to any house or Gravity Falls cosplay. Be wary of summoning forces beyond your control, and remember – TRUST NO ONE.


Product Description

Straight from the Mystery Shack, we present a scroll of mysterious origin, inspired by the show Gravity Falls. Depicted on the front are a number of symbols, cryptograms, and a character similar in shape to the Eye of Providence, a creature now identified as Bill Cipher. A being of unknown, but suspect motives, Bill Cypher is known to inhabit the Nightmare Realm and the Dreamscape, and often seeks entrance into our plane of existence through possession or deals with the inhabitants of Gravity Falls.

Nicknamed as the Liar Monster, Snappy Dresser Bill Cipher, Bill has been a constant headache for the Pines family, causing trouble for Dipper, Mable, Soos, Uncle Stan, and the rest of the gang. While once regarded as a standup guy and a decent fellow by Stanford Pines (the first known person to interact with Bill), it is now widely accepted by the denizens of the Mystery Shack that Bill Cipher can’t be trusted.

Made of heavy canvas and aged by hand, this mystical Bill Cipher scroll measures approximately 11 x 17″ and is quite durable, useful in cosplay, as a wall decoration, or for summoning mischievous pyramid critters. Reciting the phrase “Triangulum, entangulum. meteforis dominus ventium. meteforis venetisarium!” while holding the scroll will summon Bill. Or not. It remains to be seen. But our dreams have been troubled ever since trying it. Remember, TRUST NO ONE.

(Please allow 3-4 business days to prepare your scroll for shipment from Gravity Falls – spatial anomalies and unstable portal conditions may arise.)

Due to variations in preparation and handling, each scroll may appear slightly different in wear or color than pictured

Additional Information

Weight 10 oz


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