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Firefly Serenity Crew Fan Art Poster Print – Inara & Wine Glass

Geekify Inc » Firefly Serenity Crew Fan Art Poster Print – Inara & Wine Glass

Firefly Serenity Crew Fan Art Poster Print – Inara & Wine Glass

Starting at $11.95

Just when you thought your days of having bare walls were coming to a middle, we’ve got just the thing – a Firefly print. Brought to you by the Blue Sun corporation, we present the lovely Inara Serra, fingertips tracing her classy wine glass.

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Starting at $11.95

Product Description

Though she’d doubtless be grateful for any ill-conceived and high-handed attempt to defend her honor, the Registered Companion Inara Serra is quite capable of taking care of herself. Fond of parties where there’s more conversation and somewhat less petty theft and getting hit with pool cues, Inara’s style is a little more suited to having a quiet drink in an Alliance friendly wine-bar.

A proud (and elegant) member of the Firefly class ship Serenity, she adds a woman’s touch to the ship, and opens doors and business opportunities not usually available to the average smuggler. When she’s not washing feet, serving tea, or setting her clock to run faster to cheat patrons out of their fun, she’s running scams, dallying with dignitaries, and flirting discretely with her landlord, Malcolm Reynolds – after all, she prefers something with a few miles on it.

Available in a variety of sizes and formats as a poster, a print, or a canvas wrap, get one to add a little Serenity to your office or domicile! Check our store for portraits and prints of other crewmembers of Firefly, and bring the high class of a Registered Companion to your work space.

(Please allow 3-5 business days to ship the goods – Alliance customs agents can be quite meddlesome.)


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