Nearly 35 years ago, the timeless book The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle was turned into an animated movie. With music by America, voices by Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Angela Lansbury, Alan Arkin, and Tammy Grimes, and the immense talent of the animators and creatives who would later form Studio Ghibli, The Last Unicorn was an incredible film that gripped the minds and hearts of all who grew up with it. Though the movie was released decades ago, the music and iconic scenes and lines still echo through our minds. Sadly, there were only a small handful of things ever made for The Last Unicorn, many of them incredibly rare and hard to come by nowadays.

Viva La Classic 80s Movies!
Viva La Classic 80s Movies!

That’s where we come in! At Geekify, our mission is to capture the feelings and essence of those experiences that shape us and that we hold dear, and to create pieces of the fictional worlds we fall in love with. We recently acquired the licensing rights to create merchandise for The Last Unicorn as a personal passion of ours, and one which we want to share with the world. We’ve spent months drawing up plans, creating new artwork, building and designing samples and prototypes, and dreaming up the things we wanted to create.

Last Unicorn Tarot Deck

From collectible pin sets, to plushes and lifelike figurines, to tapestries and oracle decks, to costumes, we’ve got an entire lineup of new items in the works over the next year.  Our interactions with you and the community can help shape and create new things for all of us to enjoy. It’s time for our generation to celebrate the greatness of The Last Unicorn, and for the new generations to learn what all the fuss is about.

The Last Unicorn Card - The Star
The Last Unicorn Card – The Star

One of the ideas we’ve been turning around the longest has been a Tarot deck based on The Last Unicorn – the themes, the journey, the visuals, and the story all lend itself flawlessly to the nature and structure of a Tarot deck. Each character of the story is multi-faceted, facing their own challenges and having their own motivations, weaving a beautiful tapestry perfectly suited to the reflective and foretelling nature of the Tarot decks.

The Last Unicorn Card - The Devil
The Last Unicorn Card – The Devil

The Last Unicorn Tarot Deck will be a full 78 card deck
(no pip decks here!), laced with the lore and mythology of The Last Unicorn story as it pertains to the cycle and interpretations of the Tarot.