In April 3-5 of 2015, we took Geekify to the next stop on the national tour – WonderCon, in Anaheim, CA! I’d been to the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon 2011 (coincidentally leading to the creation of Geekify with the leftover leather from my cosplay), so it was great to return to familiar territory. We also bumped into Senator McCain without his security detail at Denver International Airport. Once in Anaheim, our hotel was a block away from the Anaheim Convention Center, within very easy walking and stuff-hauling distance.

This was our first time flying to a convention, and we were able to condense everything into four Rubbermaid totes as checked baggage (thank you Southwest). We didn’t have our usual shelving or extra tables, but we made do. We also had a corner booth for the first time, and it made a world of difference for grabbing attention from both sides. Despite some initial hiccups getting our stuff in and setup, the very friendly staff of WonderCon were very helpful in getting us squared away.

We kicked off the con on Friday morning, with the VIP and professional visitors dropping by to chat us up. We met so many awesome people – the booth was crowded the entire time the dealer room was open. The convention had a wealth of amazing costumers and cosplayers showing off their stuff, including outfits from Hellsing, Borderlands, Portal, Star Wars/Batman crossovers, and tons more. A reknowned New York Times best-selling writer dropped by to chat us up and she and her gang successfully identified all of the books on our tables, earning themselves sweet prizes.

Notable visitors included professional prop-makers Skip and Michael, who gave us some insight to the world of Hollywood prop-making and the quirks of the industry. A magician stopped by to talk with us and invited us to be his guests to the Magic Castle, an invite-only nightclub for magicians, of which Neil Patrick Harris is the president. An adorable five year old from the booth next door tried fruitlessly for a day to buy something for her hard-earned penny from any of the other vendors, eventually striking gold with our booth. In exchange, she got a fragment of bismuth crystal that had chipped off a bigger crystal on display. We consider ourselves the winners of that exchange.

WonderCon was easily one of our favorite conventions to date. The people were great, the weather was nice, and we did a stopover at Disneyland after the convention was over. People were quite enthusiastic about our products and unique offerings, and we signed our forms for 2016 before leaving. Thanks for a great trip WonderCon, and we’ll be back next year! Next up, Denver!