Tales From The Front

     In our line of work, we always get to interact with some pretty interesting people, both online and in meatspace, and they certainly add a lot of flavor to the last few years we’ve been in business. We’ve had customers contact us demanding customer service at 2am before they spent the outrageous sum of $15 on a pendant, and the questions (all of which were answered by the pictures and description) kept coming in an endless stream for over 5 hours. Once at a show, a roaming magician struck up conversation with us and invited us to dinner at the Magic Castle, the invite-only magicians’ club, presided over by Neil Patrick Harris. At a convention last year in Anaheim, one gaggle of young ladies decided to step up to the challenge to see if they could identify every single book we had in our collection. Of the 60+ books we had at the time (we now have over 80 models now), they were able to identify all but six of them, and we gave them a prize for their efforts. One of the women turned out to be a New York Times bestselling writer and we’ve had a number of interactions with her since (and bought/loved her book as a result). 

Shameless plug , cuz we love you Naomi!


     With the services we offer, it’s also an incredibly mixed bag with the people seeking to bring their ideas to life. We’ve had people contacting us to laser engrave skateboards, build hollow book boxes, make prototypes for QVC commercials, design custom USB alarm dongles, make vinyl car wraps, street signs for hot dog vendors and pelmeni stands, and countless other random ideas. One customer contacted us out of the blue because he’d heard we do 3D printing, and demanded that we both design and manufacture him some custom-designed bowling ball cores that he needed on a rush order, shipped across the country to arrive within 48 hours. What his story was, we’ll never know, since we never heard from him again.

Geekify Inc Blog Bowling Ball Core

(And in case you ever wondered, this is what the core of a high end bowling ball looks like)

     In our line of work, you never know who’s who – which customer will turn out to be a nightmare, which will rave about you to their friends and family, and which will bring you interesting opportunities for growth (or at least entertainment), and which will slip into obscurity and just another customer who happened to like your stuff. Today we just got invited to be on the show Con Man (produced by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk), which is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and we’re hammering out the details to make it work, since it’s exactly the kind of thing we’d love to be involved in. More often than not when exciting opportunities come along, reality tries to get in the way to nudge you back to the daily grind, and it’s important to seize them as they come. Sometimes things fall through, and sometimes they turn into great stories, but overall, they certainly make our jobs here at Geekify interesting.

     Our commitment to the geek community is not exclusive to fans of Star Trek, players of video games, or science and math aficionados, or any of the other endless varieties of geekdom – it’s to that inner spark of creativity in everyone that we see reflected in their desire to build or make – a spark that brings them looking for our help, or that drives someone to dress up like their favorite characters or aliens and wander half blind, constantly ogled, and perpetually dehydrated around a convention hall for days on end. It’s that essence that connects us for the space of a moment to be geeks together, and that’s why we love what we do so much, and why we’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to share in it.