We’re always trying to find the happy balance between having enough man-power and keeping up with demand, while keeping within our costs. While we’re a continuously growing company, we’ve had some enormous growing pains along the way as a boot-strapped company that started in a basement.

This year we’ve done more than a dozen conventions and events around the country and it’s been interesting (and thrilling!) seeing the reactions people have to our stuff. We’ve been finding our niche and meeting our tribe, spreading the geek word wherever we can. We’ll be refining our list of conventions for next year over the next few months, gearing up for an epic 2016 as we move in some new directions.

We recently upgraded our shipping and order management software, which will now track, update, and email customers when their items have been shipped. It features an awesome age feature to help remind which orders are getting oldest – we have over 100 orders in our queue at any given time, and as makers of handmade made-to-order stuff, you can imagine that the queue can be pretty intimidating. We’re continually finding ways to be more efficient, and our new shipping solution is a valuable piece of the puzzle.

We also acquired a 100w laser cutter, for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, fabric, paper, and thin sheet metal. It’s a remarkably versatile tool, and we’re looking forward to dreaming up new projects to put it to use with (suggestions always welcome in our Idea Box!).

As we move into the holiday season, keep in mind that it’s always best to get orders in early, to allow us plenty of time to make and ship your order. We’ll be working round the clock crafting, but let us know your constraints and when you need your order to arrive by, if it’s a Christmas gift.

We very much love what we do, and we’re committed to doing our best. Help us with your feedback, your patience, and as always, your fellow geek spirit :)!

-John and the Geekify Crew