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Skyrim Whiterun Breezehome Deed (Custom)

Geekify Inc » Skyrim Whiterun Breezehome Deed (Custom)

Skyrim Whiterun Breezehome Deed (Custom)


Whether you're searching for commercial properties, rental homes, vacation houses, or to become a first time home owner, the realtors of Evil Deeds, Inc. can help you “acquire” this Skyrim Breezehome Deed. Specializing in acquisition of properties in distant countries and far off lands, we work tirelessly to make it easy for you to acquire your property, working through the proper channels to ensure that the transition is smooth and easy, that the necessary paperwork is filled out by the proper authorities, and that the properties are in good standing and in a good state of repair. Land is the only constant in this world and in all others, so invest in real estate, and start your quest for a stable future today.


Product Description

Located in the Plains District, this property is situated in Whiterun, a city in the central section of the continent of Skyrim. The house measures approximately 1,900 square feet, with an upper level. The history of the house is unknown, but it has a spacious interior, all natural wood and stone decor, has been recently thatched, and can be readily renovated to suit your needs. The neighbors affectionately have dubbed the house “Breezehome”.

The city is northwest of the Throat of the World in the beautiful mountains of Skyrim, and convenient skiing is nearby. There are several merchants and a general store within walking distance. There is running water and a well nearby, and arrangements can be made with the Imperial Steward for furnishing the house (please contact us in advance). It is pet friendly and child-safe, and routinely patrolled by guards (paid for by property taxes).

Put a down payment on your house today, and receive:

-Personalized parchment Deed for your new home
-Sealed Transfer of Ownership document
-Key to the property
-Letter of welcome from the Jarl

Please specify your name or title for the transfer of the property at the closing of the deal, and allow up to seven days after the submission of your paperwork for processing.

Additional Information

Weight 10 oz


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