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The Neverending Story – The Last Grain of Sand From Fantasia

Geekify Inc » The Neverending Story – The Last Grain of Sand From Fantasia

The Neverending Story – The Last Grain of Sand From Fantasia


A small bottle containing the Last Grain of Sand from Fantasia and the Neverending Story. Field-tested by Atreyu, and delivered by Luck Dragon. Do what you wish!


Product Description

Are you tired of nameless forces destroying your stuff and nearly killing your Childlike Empresses with mysterious illnesses? Do people keep telling you to keep your feet on the ground, or chucking you in dumpsters? Well now’s your chance to show them all!

Don’t take nothing from Nothings!

We have here the last grain of Fantasia straight from the Never Ending Story, the mythical land where the buffalo are purple, the turtles are mountains, biodegradable sphinxes shoot lasers, and dragons defy the laws of drag and aerodynamics. Straight out of the Neverending Story, this timeless piece of history is looking for a new home.

This piece of the once-great land is all that remains of the vast empire. It glows, it sparkles, it shines, and will illuminate dark rooms. It also grants wishes*. So many wishes. All the wishes. Fantasia may be no more, thanks to the bullying of modern day society and the pressure to grow up and conform, but Fantasia can arise again in you, in your wishes and dreams. And the more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become. So get your very own piece of Fantasia, and let the story never end! Given to Bastian, field tested by Atreyu, and Moonchild gives it her seal of approval.

Use your Last Grain of Fantasia to:

  • Grant wishes
  • Chase bullies
  • Fly on furry white animatronic alligator dragons
  • Support indie store owners
  • Hold illuminating conversations with people in dark rooms
  • Have many amazing adventures before finally returning to the ordinary world

Come with bottle and certificate from the Childlike Empress of The Neverending Story. Ships in a velvet pouch. And if you don’t like it, you can wish for a better one when your wish-granting item arrives.

**Please allow 3-5 days to ship from Fantasia. The freight capacity of most luck dragons is lower than one might expect, and delays or distracting quests may occur**

(*Grain of sand does not actually grant wishes)


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