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Dragonborn Skyrim Pendant of the Imperial Legion (Gold)

Geekify Inc » Dragonborn Skyrim Pendant of the Imperial Legion (Gold)

Dragonborn Skyrim Pendant of the Imperial Legion (Gold)


Skyrim Dragonborn pendant for your inner Dovahkiin. Show your support of the Imperial Legion and your prowess as the warrior that was foretold. Sturdy bronze casting and a heavy brass chain make this a perfect collector’s or costumer’s piece.


Product Description

The ultimate treasure for any would-be Dragonborn. Forged in the land of Skyrim, and a sign of your steadfast loyalty to the Empire and an upholder of the law and order of the conquering rulers of Tamriel and Skyrim alike, this pendant will gain you the respect and loyalty of all those friendly to the Septim Emperor, but be wary when traveling in Stormcloak territory: though this pendant will draw gazes, you may find them unfriendly. Guaranteed to ward off arrows to the knee.

Bestowing two points to armor class, and enchanted with +5 to charisma, this fine double-sided nickel-free pendant (available in gold and silver colors) costs a mere seventeen septims, measures in at just over 2.5″ tall, and comes with a fine brass chain. This Skyrim pendant necklace is a fine addition to the armor and wardrobe of any brave adventurer, aspiring Dovahkiin, or would be warrior.

(Please allow 2-3 days for handling times for our Imperial quartermaster to issue your new insignia)

Additional Information

Weight 1.16 oz


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