Anime Expo 2015 – Los Angeles

We lucked out this year and got to attend Anime Expo in Los Angeles. An up and coming convention (usually about 80,000) and held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Anime Expo had a star studded cast of animators and voice actors from some of the biggest names in anime. Funimation, Capcom, and even the creator of MegaMan had booths there, all strutting their super cool creations and merch.

The place was non-stop action and the traffic barely let up. People were milling about brandishing amazing outfits and purchasing all the cutest merch that Japan had to offer. We met the Japan Crate team, who stuffed us silly with Pocky and showed off their exotic treats. We got to meet and chat with LevelUp Studios about some of their upcoming projects. John bumped into a friend of his from Denver who happened to be working a booth a few stalls down. The artists in Artist Alley were incredible, as always – some of the Perler / Pixel Art artists were crazy good with their craft, rendering huge poster-size art pieces out of melted plastic beads. The Art of Dave featured an artist who hand-colored pop culture artwork to give it an inherent 3D effect when viewed through 3D glasses.

Some of the pictures in the gallery below – we’d love to grab more if you’ve got any of the event! We’ve already renewed for next year, so see you in July 2016, Los Angeles!